With the development of life, from needs to enjoyment, from application to aesthetics.Decorative street light pole can be modified according to customer needs, and the shape and function are stable and balanced. Provide a comfortable environment with good stability and effectiveness to make you realize your expectations.
Product Details Of Decorative Street Light Pole
The spray process does not fade, does not fall off, has no bumps and undulations, and does not have any welding defects. The shape of decorative street light pole can be determined according to the requirements of the user, the surrounding environment and the lighting needs. It can be applied and modified to better adapt to environmental changes and user needs. Form a good route guidance and illumination at night.
Let you know about us
1. The product quality is reliable, the industry is among the best, and has a good reputation and strong competitive strength in the market.
2. The company has strong strength and complete supporting facilities to provide customers with quality products and efficient services.
3. OEM is highly welcomed.We have strong R&D team here to help.
4. Good after-sale service offered, free replacement parts to achieve life-long service.
Quality Control
1. All of our products are subjected to raw material inspection, production, aging test and inspection before packaging.
2. High lighting, long life, energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection.
3. Anti-aging, heat resistance, cold resistance, weather resistance, waterproof.
4. Welcome to use any size, color, any exterior sculpture
5. Online professional services from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday.
Production - packaging - delivery - products
Q: What is the height of the decorative street light pole produced by the company?
A:  Decorative street light pole height is 3-12 meters
Q: How can I get a price of decorative street light pole?
A: Please tell me your purchasing needs, I will provide you the best price as soon as possible.
Q: How will the goods be packed before shipment??
A: Use plastic packaging and fiber packaging. Wooden box or plywood can be used as the third layer protection according to customer requirements or transportation requirements.
Q: What are the advantages of your company?
A:  ①Professional, innovative R&D design team and advanced production equipment.
②Quality products and perfect service make us one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.
③Quickly identify the customer's product needs and provide you with a good procurement solution.
Company strength
Our company is mainly engaged in flagpoles, light poles, lightning rods, tapered tubes and other products. The products are made of high quality stainless steel. The company has a good corporate culture, professional R & D design team to make products continue to innovate, strict product quality system makes the products get praise from customers, from service to products are unanimously recognized by customers.Decorative Light Pole for sale

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