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Survival Tabs

Survival Tabs have been around for many years. As a matter of fact, they were and still used by astronauts as a substitution for regular food. Many survivalists, cross-country trackers, hikers, rock climbers and others, use Survival Tabs as well. Some people use Survival Tabs because they have stopped eating solid food due to medical conditions. The tablets are small in size but pack a number of nutrients designed to sustains one’s body in the event a person is isolated from society and have no means to gather food. These tabs give you the ability to survive without regular food for 2-4 months, have a 25+ shelf life, and only 12 tabs per day are necessary for survival.
The Survival Tabs Conception
At the time when The Survival Tabs were first made, a large group of elements were taken into account so as to adjust them to their use as a lightweight, crisis and life-supporting nutrition. Here are some reasons why The Survival Tabs were created:
1. Consuming a smaller amount of food is better for the body. It helps the body perform more efficiently because the food eaten is in the stomach tract longer and is fully absorbed. Thus, providing more nutrients to the body’s organs and tissues.
2. For the most part, of all the food we consume, most of it isn’t processed and burned up as energy. On the other hand, the Survival Tabs are 100 percent consumable able to be absorbed by the body.
3. Healthy eating should have a higher priority than the amount of food consumed. Foods with incomplete proteins, starch and fat can put a strain on the digestive system; the kidneys in particular.
The Survival Tabs are comprised of protein that has a high natural worth and gets 100 percent used. This shields the human body from basically eating the protective barriers of its own tissues. The fat is made from unsaturated fats and the starches are of prime form and 100 percent used as well.
4. The Survival Tabs were not designed to be a long-term replacement for food. They were created to help you survive should you become lost in the forest, climbing a mountain, stranded at sea, etc. In most cases, people will be somewhere where they can get access to some kind of food whether it be berries, small animals, and so on. These survival packs are aimed at keeping you alive until you can find refuge or are rescued. How long that time is as a rule, depends on your exposure, the environment, and/or how long you can go without water.
Intake and Usage
The Survival Tabs are packed full of 15 Essential Vitamins & Minerals and backed 100 percent by U.S. RDA. The 12 Tabs give 100% of the U.S. RDA of 15 Fundamental Nutrients and Minerals, and that is not all. They are condensed tablets which make their impact so powerful. Normal utilization of twelve tabs for each day might be diminished when different nourishments are accessible in sufficient sums and quality or expanded in the midst of complete starvation or extraordinary physical effort. By setting one Survival Tab in the mouth each hour or something like that and letting it break down gradually during a brief timeframe, osmosis of all supplements will be expanded, and hunger will be completely fulfilled.


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