You can "build your own nest egg income"! Learn how to build a great business from "scratch” its “eggciting” Your chickens are saying “buck buck buck! You can do this!

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Get the book: Six Chickens to Six Figures (on Amazon) for full training.

“Eggclusive” see trailer video here online classes here:

If you want to learn about chickens we have lots of information if you raise chickens as pets! This is a fun "eggucational" series that you can enjoy any time. Part time or full time income! You do not need a farm to raise chickens for profit!

However, if you want to find out MORE about raising chickens or want to take your hobby to the next level, then here is a great series of videos. Raising chickens for profit is a much-overlooked source of income. Great for part-time income for all ages or retirees.

Much of what Mary Ann Fordyce has learned are in these videos and she will teach you step by step how to raise chickens from "scratch" and you can follow these easy steps to a six-figure income!

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